What if we have a infant or little ones?

We have a large nursery for your little ones. It is over beside the kitchen and Solid Rock Cafe.

What if I have questions when I visit?

Inside each bulletin we have an insert where you can write down your prayer requests or write down your questions. Put this insert into the offering plate when it passes by during the offering time. Pastor Jan and our prayer team see every prayer and question. Be very sure, every prayer request you submit will be prayed for by us. We take this ministry of prayer quite seriously. If you have an immediate question on the day you visit, seek out Pastor Jan and let him know what it is.

Do you take an offering?

Yes, we pass an offering to worship God with our “First-fruits,” our Tithes and Offerings. We want you to just come in, enjoy worshipping with us, connect.

What about communion?

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper together the first Sunday of every month. You do NOT have to be a member of the church or pass some type of quiz before partaking in the Bread and the Cup with us. We have open communion. Jesus welcomes you to come, that settles it. Just that you know in your own heart before the Lord that you are ready to partake and have faith in Jesus. Children stay in the sanctuary till after communion, then they are dismissed to Children’s Church with Ms. Lori DeWitt. If you feel your child is ready for the sacrament of Communion, we encourage you to let them partake in God’s Grace this way.

What about your style of worship?

To hear and see what you should expect on a typical Sunday morning, visit our sermon archives for past messages or watch the videos (coming soon) featuring tastes of our worship. Basically, our style of praising Jesus is contemporary, yet we also sing some of the Great Gospel hymns from time to time. “All of God’s music” is our motto. Sometimes we use drama as part of worship. We really want to build a worship band. So if you play electric guitar, drums, or sing, and are looking to have a ministry, come on in!

What should I expect when I arrive?

Our dress is casual at New Hope, our coffee is hot, and all our donuts and treats are fresh. Most people gather before worship in our Solid Rock Cafe to greet and fellowship. Come as you are, relax, enjoy. Oh, Miss Shirley Wood is typically the first person who will greet you when you walk inside. Shirley is a trooper and has dedicated herself to the ministry of door-welcoming and hospitality for many decades at New Hope. So walk in and say, “Hi — you must be Shirley!”

How do I find New Hope Church?

Please find the Google Map at the bottom of our main webpage that will make it easy for you to find New Hope. The sanctuary and buildings are off M-89 about 200 feet, with the Elementary School on the East side of our property, and the high tension power lines to our West. We have two entrances. There is a large sign on one entrance that welcomes you to “New Hope Drive.” Most people use that entrance. Then drive around, as the main entrance to the sanctuary is on the other side of the building.