Ark Angel Preschool and Child Care is a state licensed Center that offers a holistic program for your child based on current research and educational experts.  Our educational priority is to encourage children to develop the skills that are necessary for a successful future. Our curriculum that encompasses social, emotional, physical, intellectual, language, and character development through the Christian principles of cooperation, honesty, respect, responsibility, and self-control.  We provide a consistently nurturing, and trusting environment.   We are respectful of cultural beliefs, diversity, attitudes, and are constantly striving to gather more experience, and skills in these areas. We welcome a partnership that works together to focus on your child’s future of success!

Our Ark Angels Director is Amy Higbee. She has been passionately caring for children for over 13 years. She has an Associates degree in Childcare Ministries which she obtained from Bob Jones University. She has worked in a childcare environment since she was 16 years old, with all different ages, and also spent four summers in Africa, caring for orphans whose parents had died from the AIDS virus. She considers it a privilege to care for little ones, and take her career of choice very seriously.

Mission Statement – Our students are encouraged to be the best that they can be through various skill development in character education, academics, social and emotions skills. You are welcome to stop in at any time for a tour of our center! If you have further question, please contact us at 629-5436.